Competitive Advantage

Quality of Content

At GAM3S.GG, we set ourselves apart through the exceptional quality of our content. We focus intensely on curating a gaming experience that's not just vast but of the highest calibre. Each game listed on our platform is meticulously selected to ensure it meets our stringent standards for engagement, entertainment, and user satisfaction.

Also, our reviews follow a rubric system to ensure none of the scores we attribute are arbitrary and give a fair and transparent evaluation mechanism of the Web3 games we play. Moreover, our guides are written only by experts on the games to ensure they are informative and educational, benefiting our users and walking them through the latest Web3 games.

Organic Growth Through SEO & SMM Expertise

Our deep understanding and application of SEO fuel our growth at GAM3S.GG. Unlike others who may rely heavily on paid marketing, we've honed our SEO skills to grow our platform's readership organically. This approach has not only expanded our user base but also ensured that our community is made up of genuinely interested, engaged gamers. This organic growth strategy has been pivotal in establishing a solid and sustainable user base - and as the space continues to grow and evolve, new gamers will flood to their search engines and find us at the forefront of everything web3 gaming.

Strategic Industry Connections

Our network within the web3 gaming space is a key differentiator. Over the past 2 years, we cultivated valuable connections with top-tier games and blockchain chains, including Polygon, Immutable X, Ronin, and Gala Games, among others. These connections allow us to offer exclusive content and opportunities.

These relationships keep us at the forefront of the industry, ensuring we're always one step ahead regarding innovation and offerings. This network is not just a resource; it's a strategic asset that enables us to deliver unique experiences to our users.

GAM3 Awards

As mentioned earlier, the GAM3 Awards has been the biggest annual web3 gaming event since its inception in 2022. The event, judged by expert jurors and the community and hosted by GAM3S.GG, celebrates the highest-quality web3 games, rewarding innovation and creativity at the intersection of blockchain and consumer entertainment.

The annual event brings together jurors from the web3 and traditional gaming industry, including top executives from Amazon, Google, Samsung, Xbox, ImmutableX, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Solana, Polygon, as well as the top media and content creators coming together to decide the top game titles across the period of two months through a comprehensive nomination & voting process.

2023's GAM3 Awards ceremony saw one of the highest viewership and engagement metrics across the web3 gaming space with over 450k+ votes for the finalists and a peak viewership of 36k+ CCV and an average of 12k+ viewers throughout the entire show across Twitch alone. Overall, over 50k+ viewers tuned in live across all livestreaming platforms with the event reaching over 250k+ views in the first 24 hours alone on the saved VODs.

In two consecutive years, the event has brought together some of the biggest partners and brands across the gaming industry and featured renowned names such as Justin Kan (Twitch co-founder) and Yoshihisa Hashimoto (ex-Square Enix CTO and director of Sonic and Final Fantasy games) as guest speakers and judges. This, in turn, positions us at the forefront of the web3 gaming space as the defacto awards show celebrating and spotlighting the top titles and developers annually.

Value-Driven Activations and Campaigns

In 2023, we demonstrated our commitment to our community by giving away over $300K in prizes through our quests, excluding the GAM3 Awards, which saw even more rewards over the course of the last 2 months of the year. This focus on delivering value back to our users and games is central to our ethos and continuing to reward early adopters.

Beyond monetary values, our activations and campaigns are designed not just for engagement but to create a tangible, rewarding experience for our community. Gamers often try new games for the first time after receiving an access pass or an NFT through our quests and campaigns - a key highlight given the nature of our mission and overall direction to spotlight and amplify web3 games in the space. This approach has helped us build a platform that's not just a gaming site but a thriving ecosystem where users and game developers find value and opportunity.

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