Staking Rights

Stakers can earn rights that distinguish users, grant them additional rights, and further augment their profiles and platform access to exclusive and public features.

GAM3S.GG continues to aspire to grow as an all-in-one platform, which naturally means targeting users with different interests and preferences. Some users might be solely interested in discovering new games and keeping up with industry news. Others might be looking for more engaging quests and collecting rewards and XP to climb leaderboards. Similarly, other users might be scouting the analytics page and looking for trading opportunities across gaming projects. [REDACTED]

Hence, utilizing "badges" or "rights" through staking $G3 tokens can allow us to personalize the platform experience depending on each user, allowing them to explore the features they're interested in far more deeply.

Badges, or rights, are retained for as long as users’ tokens remain staked. With more features and, therefore, more specialized access over time, users can switch based on varying preferences while still preserving long-term alignment with platform growth. In addition, staking is not only targetted towards individual users - game studios and partners looking to leverage our infrastructure across quests, gaming identity layer, tournaments, [REDACTED] and beyond will also be granted respective rights based on $G3 tokens staked and threshold requirements.

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