Gamer Identity (G3 ID)

Over the past 2 years, we've managed to study and segment our users based on both off-chain and on-chain interaction across their platform behaviour and connected profiles, including Steam, Epic Games and Battlenet profiles. This, in addition to their on-chain footprint, coupled with overall platform XP and social score through Discord / X, allows us to create an identity for each user to help both personalize their web3 gaming experience and categorize them to understand better which game titles are most likely to succeed with or receive an appeal from which users.

Consequently, this also means that we can allow our users to flex their identity and achievements across all supported gaming platforms, on-chain data and platform activity to further validate their value to web3 games in potentially onboarding, incentivizing and rewarding, giving early access and rewards to high-quality gamers depending on which metric is being assessed.

To simplify things further, imagine being able to validate that you are indeed a great FPS player in a game like Shrapnel through your G3 ID, earning a spot in their early playtests, a role that brings you closer to the development team for QA and feedback, and rewards for being one of their earliest players and supporters. Now, imagine that across every web3 game ever released and beyond.

That, is what our gamer identity layer can make possible - validating past player progression and present activity to help you stand out, flex your gaming history and get ahead of the rest because of the time and effort you've put into playing video games.

But that's only scratching the surface - our Gamer Identity layer is designed to function in an interoperable manner across different games and blockchains, which could revolutionize the way you interact with web3 games moving forward. Once implemented, it will serve as a unified login system across web3 games, tracking and recording your in-game progress on-chain, updating in real-time, validating your gaming score and allowing game studios to identify you as a high-quality value-add to their player base much faster than ever before.

In addition to giving you bragging rights for your achievements and ungodly hours spent playing your favorite games, the identity layer would also streamline the onboarding process for gamers across web3 games, allowing developers to pull the necessary account setup information such as gamertag, social accounts and preferred wallets to help save you the time wasted creating endless accounts across 100s of new web3 games launching every year.

In summary, your G3 ID (feature name TBC) will act as your passport across the entire web3 gaming space, allowing you to use it freely to track your progress and watch as it dynamically changes and evolves as you play more games and collect more achievements.

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