Integrated-API Missions

Our in-game missions truly set our Quest system apart and enable us to drive real, verified, quality players to your game.

Our custom API integrations allow us to track any in-game action agreed upon with a web3 game to highlight and funnel gamers towards that specific game activity, from kills and the number of games to completing particular missions or even trying out a new mode.

In addition, we have also integrated popular gaming platform APIs to plug into past gaming progression and reward gamers for their accumulated gaming hours and achievements across Steam, Epic Games, Battlenet and several more platforms in the pipeline.

Our API-based system allows us to verify if a gamer has a certain number of hours or achievements in games across each of the previously mentioned platforms. Access to genre or game-specific achievements and playing time allows us to truly segment our user base and categorize users based on preferences, hours played, and overall achievement scores. It further enables us to send verified gamers to web3 game partners that tend to convert and stick around for much longer rather than disinterested or completely disconnected users looking to farm quests or missions for rewards.

Our system also allows a hybrid of missions set up within the same quest, allowing us to grow a partner's social presence, integrate a direct in-game API mission, and validate past player progression across Steam, all within the same quest campaign.

From confirming players have 50+ hours of Counter-Strike to validating their World of Warcraft accounts; our integrated API missions create endless possibilities to segment, target and reward gamers based on what each game partner is looking for.

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