GAM3 Quests

In 2023, we introduced our Quests feature, marking a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the web3 gaming landscape. This feature encompasses three fundamental verticals to help connect gamers directly to game titles:

  • Social missions

  • On-chain mission

  • in-game missions

Meticulously verified through custom APIs, we have empowered web3 games to engage their existing player base and attract new players, proving time and time again the efficiency of our streamlined process and the true impact of our user acquisition funnel for game studios.

Gamers are enticed to participate in quests and complete missions in exchange for on-chain and off-chain rewards offered by the games in question. Over the past ten months since launch, we've distributed everything from game access codes to NFTs, achievement badges, reputational soulbound tokens, and countless XP for engaged users.

Contrary to the widely available quest platform options, our system is much more gaming-centric and allows us to tap into past player progression through our Steam, Epic Games and Battlenet API integrations, for example, to validate that a user has played a specific game genre, completed certain missions, or has spent a certain number of hours playing particular games.

This, in turn, has allowed us to qualify and validate the quality of gamers we funnel towards partners with recent campaign successes showcasing our system's resilience and analytical advantages - for eg, we validated 7,000 gamers that had a minimum of 50 hours of FPS playtime on Steam before funnelling them towards Shrapnel's STX weekend, which resulted in a high conversion rate and additional extraction pack purchases beyond the ones claimed as rewards.

Our dedication to enhancing the gaming experience has already borne remarkable results. With over 100 unique quests and the distribution of more than 45,000 NFTs, our quest feature has attracted a vibrant community of over 320,000 unique participants. These dedicated gamers have collectively completed an astounding 3M+ missions, underlining our Quests feature's success and adoption. GAM3S.GG is committed to continually providing exciting and rewarding gaming experiences, solidifying our position as a leader in the web3 gaming arena.

To understand the potential of each vertical and how GAM3S.GG quests are structured; kindly refer to the following sections, which break things down further.

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