User Profiles

Each user on GAM3S.GG has a unique user profile. From achievements to daily activities and favorite games, no two gamers are exactly the same, and that is evident in the platform.

From the point of account creation to level progression, our platform algorithm constantly evaluates each user profile, past gaming progression using Steam or Epic Games, platform activity and on-chain footprint to help profile each user and personalize individual experiences through game recommendations & additional future features.

Each user is prompted to use their signup method of choice ranging from social platforms to web3 wallet connects - with the flexibility to add/remove additional social accounts down the line. Moreover, each user can clearly see their platform ranking and necessary XP to acquire in order to level up, gamifying the entire exploration process and motivating each user to discover more games, complete quests and play around the platform.

But - user profiles play a much more core role in the platform's growth and development as they evolve into gaming passports and represent each user's game identity (G3 ID). To further understand this platform vertical, here's a closer look at each feature:

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