Introducing the GAM3S.GG GAM3RS NFT Collection, a limited edition series featuring only 333 unique NFTs tailored for gamers. Each character represents one of four gamer archetypes; Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers. Crafted exclusively for gamers, an application-based system was used to filter through 18,000+ applications from the community community and granted access to only 333 of them.

GAM3RS NFT holders enjoy perks such as exclusive in-game skins and other exciting reward, including the following:

  • Exclusive Club: Only 333 unique GAM3RS NFTs will ever be available.

  • Presale Access: Exclusive access to our upcoming $G3 private sale event on Polkastarter.

  • Early Access: First access privileges to partner games before public release.

  • Exclusive In-Game Skins: Unlock special in-game skins and other exclusive content with partner web3 games.

  • XP Bonus: Collect XP faster on the platform thanks to a permanent boost for being a GAM3R.


The utility doesn't stop there as the 333 collection will play an important role in upcoming features and more perks will be added to continuously leverage our extensive network within the web3 gaming space to label the GAM3RS NFT collection as the place to be for any web3 gamer. Explore the full collection here on Magic Eden

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