Identity / Gamertag

Each individual GAM3S.GG profile is designed to evolve into a unique gaming passport which will serve as the gaming identity of said user recognized as their gamertag. Each identity is curated based on each user's connected social accounts, past gaming accolades and progression, on-chain footprint, in addition to their platform achievements, inventory, rank and activity.

These identities encapsulate each user's entire gaming history across multiple games and platforms. This allows GAM3S.GG combines user on-chain activity and in-game actions to build a reputational score that unlocks opportunities across partner games.

Your G3 ID will act as your passport across the entire web3 gaming space, regardless of games, platforms or blockchains - and advancing your profile on GAM3S.GG is the way to progress and build up your identity.

Imagine the ability to flex your CS:GO achievements, verify you're a top FPS player and get early access to new web3 shooting games such as Shrapnel. Imagine being sourced as a qualified early-tester for a new game based on how many hours you've sunk into games in the same genre in the past. And even better, imagine being able to combine all your gaming achievements across platforms, consoles, traditional and web3 games and being able to flex that in one unified gaming profile - that is the opportunity user profiles have as they evolve over the next few months.

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