On-Chain Missions

On-chain missions are those linked to on-chain tasks, such as holding certain NFTs or tokens, or interacting with certain game smart contracts in your connected wallet to validate users' on-chain activity and behaviour.

Our system can verify if you hold any NFTs in your wallet supporting ERC-20, ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens.

This means that your ownership of specific in-game assets can be confirmed on-chain, granting you access to exclusive missions and rewards for specific holders. This, in turn, allows us to gate certain quests to cater only to specific loyal community members or segments that the game chooses to spotlight and reward rather than being open to the general public.

Additionally, we can verify in-game actions across all on-chain web3 games. Whether it's completing quests, achieving milestones, or participating in events, our platform can track your progress and validate your accomplishments through checking users' wallet interactions with the web3 game's contracts on the blockchain. This opens up a world of possibilities for on-chain missions, allowing you to earn rewards and recognition for your in-game achievements like never before.

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