Over the past 2 years, GAM3S.GG has continued to provide insightful and unbiased assessments of the latest web3 games. The review section offers detailed, comprehensive, playable experiences, and each game is carefully evaluated and assigned a rating score on a scale of 1-10.

The review scoring system draws inspiration from top-tier media gaming outlets, employing a rigorous approach that assesses games across six independent criteria. This ensures that reviews remain free from personal bias or arbitrary judgments, empowering our readers with a clear understanding of the quality of the gaming experiences they are about to embark upon.

The following aspects of each game title are used to evaluate and assess each individual game title:

Evaluates the visual quality of a game, considering factors such as art style, detail, and overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it assesses any technical shortcomings like poor collision detection or noticeable pop-ups.

It is worth noting that many web3 games are currently in early stages of their development, and many of the game reviews are tagged with timestamps noting the stage at which the team was invited to (by each respective game studio) or spontaneously evaluated the game in question. Re-reviews upon further game development and follow-up stage roll outs (eg: launching a public beta after a closed beta or alpha etc.) are always a consideration.

Note: GAM3S.GG has never been paid to review games to maintain integrity, the editorial team typically receives early access and reserves the right to publish unfiltered reviews. In addition, the GAM3 Awards winners (highlighted in later sections) are chosen by an expert jury and the community and are neither influenced by nor do they influence platform review scores for any titles.

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