The Problem with Web3 Gaming

It's no secret that lack of education is one of the biggest challenges in this space. More so, the lack of targeted education & opportunities for each individual.

Web3 gaming is still in its infancy. While the overall traditional gaming space boasts over 3 billion gamers worldwide, the industry currently barely has 2M+ gamers in web3 identified through connected wallets, which can often be inflated due to multiple wallets per user.

GAM3S.GG aims to break down the barriers that separate web2 gamers from the limitless possibilities of blockchain-powered games and speak the language of gamers to foster genuine interest and an appetite to explore the web3 gaming space.

However, this is no easy task. Today, 4 main stakeholders are facing distinct individual problems:


Struggle to find fun games with easy onboarding.


Struggle with launching & acquiring players given overall industry sentiment & lack of users.

Content Creators

Forced to amplify paying customers to survive, regardless of quality.


Get overwhelmed with hype, daily launches & often FOMO into poor decisions.

There is a clear gap between games and gamers exploring this space, particularly as traditional gaming media, launchers, and creators remain skeptical of the overall blockchain gaming niche. This represents a great opportunity for GAM3S.GG to dominate and fill that gap, acquiring invaluable marketshare.

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