Redeem Rewards

Expanding on the Seasonal Battle Pass, a subscription-based pass designed to incentivize users to consistently engage with the platform and accumulate XP to unlock levels and win rewards across the top web3 game titles, $G3 holders can use their tokens to redeem rewards and access more exciting opportunities across partnerships with the top gaming titles.

Platform interactions designed to contribute to XP accrual will consequently improve and increase potential opportunities to gain these rewards through the battle pass system, amongst other functionalities, including content consumption, content creation, event attendance, and more.

This Battle Pass operates as an upgraded tier system, distinct from the standard, free platform Battle Pass available to all users, and stores progression and unlocked levels directly on the platform for users to access, flex and redeem rewards seamlessly.

While we continue to prioritize the free and open experience for all users, individuals who choose to upgrade their battle pass to the premium version by using $G3 tokens can access exclusive rewards locked for free pass holders.

In addition, to reward and incentivize healthy behaviour and activity, gamers who complete their battle pass will be eligible to claim the following season pass for free - i.e., the first incurred cost may not be incurred once again for future battle pass seasons if the user completes all the battle pass levels.

While exact pricing and details will be shared closer to launch, users can expect similar features and unique access to $G3 holders, stakers and spenders looking to get the most out of the GAM3S.GG ecosystem.

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