Gaming Marketplace

No, we're not trying to compete with OpenSea or Magic Eden.

The simple fact is that NFT marketplaces are terrible for gamers—particularly new ones entering the space. Be it the lack of curation, the countless fake collections, or the overall focus on assets rather than the project/game in question, the gaming marketplace aspect within our space has some hurdles.

As a solution, we've decided to launch our gaming-centric NFT Marketplace aggregator, where you can access verified listings from various existing marketplaces, all within the same game page on our platform.

Instead of scavenging marketplaces searching for any collections related to your favourite game, this new feature will allow you to scroll through any game page on our platform - reach the collectables section and directly trade those assets, all without leaving your favourite web3 gaming platform.

Our feature will aggregate verified listings, confirmed with partner games, and showcase them under each game page. It will ensure you make informed purchases and find the best deals across all active listings within seconds to explore and collect unique gaming collectables with confidence and ease.

Have you found a game you'd like to try but need an early access pass NFT? You can purchase it directly on the game page on GAM3S.GG.

Did you fall in love with a web3 game you found on our platform? Get a cool skin to make it official directly on the platform.

The scenarios and options are endless, but the facts remain - with more information about the games, their actual product, access to livestreams of other players currently playing the game. With all the additional information you can find on our game pages, gamers can make much more informed decisions and spend far less time researching projects and checking socials while trying to trade collectables.

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