With the introduction of our rewards warchest, governance assumes a much more defined role.

We foresee governance as an important aspect of aligning our mission, community, and holders even further and allowing users to have an important say in platform feature decisions and reward pool accumulation.

Over time, this governance might become permissionless, enabling greater user participation across the board. Our warchest represents a collective pool of gaming rewards accrued through partnerships and initiatives, redeemable by platform users through various activities and platform features.

In the short term, the warchest will aggregate rewards and maintain transparency regarding their availability and value. In the long run, it aims to provide a liquid basket of gaming goods for the entire gaming community, managed by and for the community, distributed throughout the different features and functionalities that GAM3S.GG provides.

The warchest's initial funding priorities include diversification, maximizing assets from various high-potential games, and ensuring the assets are valuable and desirable to users. Strategies for bootstrapping the treasury involve leveraging partners, subsidizing existing rewards, and making direct purchases, each with specific advantages and considerations.

The distribution of warchest contents occurs primarily through rewards accrual, such as through the Battle Pass, quests, or tournaments. In addition, G3 loot boxes, not previously discussed (but currently undergoing further planning), will provide randomized rewards, ensuring transparency and an element of randomness and luck that gamers are familiar with.

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