Platform Engagement

The $G3 token is also designed to transact with the platform and engage with different features such as participating in tournaments and trading on the marketplace and more.

For the purpose of this explanation, we will take a closer look at both the tournaments and marketplace scenario below:


Users looking to join tournaments might be faced with two different options upfront: either joining free-to-enter tournaments, which would be solely sponsored by GAM3S.GG or the partner game, or spending an entry fee to join a co-sponsored quick tournament that invites gamers to compete head-to-head and share a share of the overall prize pool resulting from the total number of players involved.

For example, a gamer might spend $5 to enter a tournament for their favourite game. There would be 100 players in total, each contributing the same amount, resulting in a $500 prize pool (before standard platform fees) that can be split between either the sole winner or the top 3 players at the end.

Similarly, tournaments might be designed to charge a team fee upfront, resulting in potentially larger prize pools healthily and sustainably. In addition, GAM3S.GG might increase the prize pool allocation to incentivize further engagement and help co-sponsor and grow the competitive scene across specific game titles.


Users that wish to directly trade assets and collectibles across different titles on GAM3S.GG might be faced with the option of spending either stablecoins/eth or $G3 tokens - with the latter resulting in less platform fees while still offering that improved and refined level of curation and optimized user experience.

Our entire marketplace feature structure is designed to improve discovery and improved decision-making, coupled with an overall enhanced user experience that allows traders and collectors alike to seamlessly own and trade assets across their favourite game titles.

While the initial launch might enforce $G3 payments at first, the vision for this feature is to truly remove any barriers and allow users to transact as they wish to - meaning $G3 will then be positioned as a value-add through lower platform fees on each transaction.

In either of these features and scenarios, amongst many others, $G3 will be positioned at the center of each functionality, truly serving as the ecosystem token fueling the entire platform.

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