GAM3S.GG empowers both games and players with our tournament feature. Through this feature, gamers can effortlessly jump straight into any live or upcoming tournaments for their favorite games, signing up using their platform identity through both free-to-join and paid-entry tournaments using $G3.

Game partners, in return, can set up, organize, and manage tournaments for their games while benefiting from instant rewards distribution through blockchain technology. They will also benefit from our growing and highly targeted gaming userbase.

With over 5+ years of global gaming tournament organizing experience within the team, GAM3S.GG promises to offer all the tools and customization needed to set up tournaments that support all sizes, from grass-roots to international and regional contests.

Users will be able to benefit from easy sign-up procedures, API-integrated matchmaking and score reporting systems, and instant reward distribution and prize pool claiming features without dealing with the hurdles of manual tournament management that ruin the competitive gaming experience.

On the other hand, game studios and partners can benefit from having the perfect marketing venue for their competitions, leveraging our platform userbase and features to streamline tournament registration, player communication, matchmaking setup, result tracking and reward distribution - removing much of the technical burden and allowing teams to focus on developing their games and their own marketing efforts. To gain access to the feature, partners will need to stake and lock $G3 to gain the tournament admin rights and navigate through onboarding and benefit from our team follow up and support.

In addition to standard tournaments in bracket or elimination formats, our leaderboard system allows us to create XP leaderboard based tournaments to engage and mobilize our users and reward them for their activity through either GAM3S.GG specific rewards or partner incentives.

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