Seasonal Battle Pass

Get ready to level up your gaming experience with our upcoming Battlepass feature.

Familiar to gamers, the Battlepass introduces free and premium tiers that can be unlocked by earning XP through various platform activities. It's a gamification element that adds a new layer of excitement to your journey on GAM3S.GG while you accumulate XP and climb through the ranks.

The GAM3S.GG Battlepass will offer various rewards across its tiers, including exclusive web3 gaming NFTs, with partner NFTs available for both free and premium holders (with higher availability for premium).

Both Free and Premium tiers also grant access to SBTs (for completing the battlepass), XP boosts, achievements, and profile cosmetics such as banners, tags, and borders to show off your progress and status within the gaming community.

While quests remain the bread and better of XP accumulation alongside other platform features, the battlepass system is designed to engage platform users further and grant access to exclusive rewards and highly sought prizes across several gaming partners to drive attention to their titles, while rewarding our users for engaging and interacting with the platform.

Purchasing the battlepass (and potentially skipping levels) will be available using $G3.

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